Custom Garment Print Locations and Sizing

To better understand your custom ordered prints, we have supplied this infographic outlining our standard printing locations and sizes. If your desired print location or size is not listed on this infographic, please contact us at or submit your order with the sizing and location in the checkout notes box.
We interpret your submitted mockup to the best of our ability to match our standard print locations and size ranges. If you want a specific size or print location, please let us know so we may attempt to accommodate your request.
Please keep in mind that while these garment sizes are the standards we try to follow, interpretation of your mockups or following special requests may cause us to have to change measurements. Please allow for variations in sizing if not requesting specific measurements. 
T-shirts, long sleeve, caps, beanies and pants printing locations
Placement Standard Sizing
Adult Pocket 3.5" x 3.5"
Youth Pocket 3" x 3"
Toddler Pocket

2" x 2"

Adult Full Front

10-12" wide by 16" long

Youth Full Front

10" x 10"

Toddler Full Front

5" x 5"

Adult Full Back

12"-14" by 16" long

Youth Full Back

10" - 12" Wide by 14" long

Adult Center Chest

6" - 8" wide

Youth Center Chest

6" wide

Toddler Center Chest

3" wide

Adult Team Names

12"-14" wide by 2.5" tall

Youth Team Names

10"-12" wide by 2" tall

Toddler Team Names

6" - 7" wide by 1.5" tall

Adult Sleeves

7" to 14" long by 2.5" wide

Youth Sleeves

3.75" x 11" long by 2" wide

Adult Shoulder 4" x 4"
Youth Shoulder 3" x 3"
Joggers, Pants & Shorts Pockets 4" x 4"
Adult Joggers Leg 14" x 22" long by 3.5" wide
Youth Joggers Leg 10" x 18" long by 3.5" wide
Shorts Bottom Leg 5" x 5"
Shorts Side Leg 8" x 4"
Caps 4" by 2"
Beanies 4"-5" wide by 1.75" tall
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