We gladly accept returns within 14days of delivery as long as the item is unused, unworn and undamaged. We do NOT accept returns on custom items. 

If your custom item was damaged in transit or there is another problem, please contact us and we will work with you to solve the issue. 

Custom Items Include:

  • names or phrases
  • logos pertaining to a specific business or organization
  • an image you provided for t-shirt application or engraving that was not in our existing database

Returnable Items:

  • non-personalized items such as
    • blanks
    • pre-made items from our store
  • unworn/undamaged items

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Please contact us for all cancelations. Cancelation times vary based on if we have items in stock vs if we need to order in stock. 

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Damaged Items/Shipping Issues

 Contact us right away if there are any issues with shipping.

Damaged Shipment?

  • take photos of the damage
    • the state the box arrived in before you open it
    • any notes from the carrier
    • the damage caused to the item
  • send all of this information to us and notify the carrier of the damage
    • please send pictures to contact@pictureitengraving.com
  • our sales team will get back to you with steps within 1-2 business days

 Lost Item?

  • Before you contact us, check with your local post office and provide them with your tracking number. In some cases, packages may be held during high volume times and items will not get scanned until they move again.
    • Also, try signing up for alerts of your package's movement, this has been proven to help speed stuck packages along.
  • If it's been more than 7 days without movement, please contact us with your order number after you have contacted your local postal office.
    • We will file a claim with the carrier and contact you when we hear back. If we do not hear back within 14 days, we will work with you to find a solution.
  • Christmas is a time where many packages get stuck in transit. Please be patient as we work with postal carriers during this time. 

Stolen Item?

  • If you are unsure if your package was misdelivered or stolen, check with neighbors and wait a few days to see if your package arrives.
  • Contact your local police department to make a report.
    • Please be aware that shipping companies do not refund stolen shipments. Please have a safe place for your packages to be delivered.

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Misprint/Wrong Items

If you were shipped the wrong item or there is a flaw in your item such as a misprint, please contact us for a replacement.

  • Have photos ready to send
    • We cannot send a replacement without seeing the defective item. Take as many clear, well-lit pictures as possible to show what went wrong and have them ready to send.
  • Keep the item on hand
    • In rare cases we may require the item be sent back. Don't worry, we will send a pre-paid label.
    • There is a possibility we may require more photos than what were provided to come up with an acceptable solution. 
  • Do not use the item
    • In the rare case we need the item returned; we do require that they are in an unused condition

Please Fill Out Our Contact Form To Initiate A Report