The One Stop Shop For All Your Needs

Say goodbye to the headache of ordering employee apparel! We know the struggle: emailing back and forth with your designer, waiting for replies, and praying the printer has what you need. It's a time-consuming hassle that can leave you frustrated. But guess what? We have the perfect solution that will make your life so much easier!

Introducing custom stores for businesses and fundraisers! With our innovative online platform, you can wave goodbye to the old-school way of doing things. Imagine having a catalog filled with awesome designs and live inventory updates. You can even bookmark your favorite styles for future purchases—no more digging through piles of paper or dealing with out-of-stock nightmares.

And speaking of fundraisers, we've got you covered there too! Say goodbye to the days of guessing which products will sell and being stuck with leftover inventory. Our online fundraising campaigns let your supporters choose the products they want, making it a win-win for everyone. Plus, you can sit back and relax while the funds roll in—no effort required!

But wait, there's more! We've created a special portal just for your employees. They can browse a merch store filled with cool promo products featuring your logo. It's like having a treasure trove of awesomeness at their fingertips! And don't worry, ordering is a breeze, and payment can be made once everyone's done shopping.

So, why settle for the old ways when you can embrace the future? Let us revolutionize your apparel ordering process and fundraising efforts. With our fun and user-friendly platform, you'll never look back. Get ready to say goodbye to the struggles and hello to seamless operations. It's time to make your life easier, one click at a time.

Private Stores

Private stores provide a comprehensive solution for yearly ordering challenges. By implementing password protection, only authorized individuals with the shared password can access the store. Moreover, the selected products are customized with your logo, while the apparel adheres to business-approved colors and styles. Products can easily be added or removed from your store, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your changing needs. Furthermore, our dedicated team is ready to assist you with logo updates and color changes, should you ever wish to rebrand. Once an order is placed, it follows the same streamlined process as any other online purchase: it is promptly processed and dispatched to your location.


Online fundraising stores offer a remarkable solution for organizations facing budget constraints, limited space, or seeking a fresh approach to fundraising. These stores proudly showcase the total funds raised and incorporate a countdown timer, allowing participants to track the remaining time to contribute. All orders are efficiently processed at our location and can be shipped directly to individual customers, designated for pickup, or collected at the end of the fundraiser with names provided for your convenience. The raised funds will be disbursed to you upon completion of the fundraising campaign. Online fundraising stores provide a hassle-free and commitment-free method to reach a wider audience, offering apparel and merchandise to supporters with ease.

Corporate Stores

For large businesses seeking an improved system for employees to order branded merchandise, corporate stores offer an ideal solution. These stores are meticulously branded according to your specifications, enabling you to select the colors, logos, brands, and styles that align with your corporate identity. We take care of the implementation process, ensuring a seamless experience for your team. By utilizing pre-approved designs and promotional items, corporate stores help maintain cohesiveness among your employees. Simply share the store link with your team, empowering them to choose the desired items at their convenience. All orders are promptly processed through our efficient online system and are available for pickup or shipment, based on your preference. With a corporate store, you have complete control over your marketplace, enhancing the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees.


How Much Does A Store Cost?

The cost of a store varies based on how many products, the type of store and many other factors. Please apply for an accurate quote.

Do I Really Need A Store?

We think that stores are great, but they aren't for everyone. Stores are best for high volume orders and return customers who want an easier ordering process. Once a store is setup, you no longer have to keep your logo on file or search through past invoices to re-order. Everything will be just where you left it and it can be changed or deleted at anytime.

Who Benefits From Stores?

  • Businesses who order the same logo year after year
  • Businesses who place one large order every year for multiple employees
  • Businesses who order frequently in small batches
  • Businesses who need a place for their employees to order for themselves
  • Organizations who need a more streamlined process for fundraising

Do I Have To Be A Registered Business Or Organization To Open A Store?

Nope! Anyone can open a store so long as you're approved. Businesses may benefit from extra savings and tax exemptions.