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5 sided Custom Fitted Tablecloth - 4,6 and 8 foot options

5 sided Custom Fitted Tablecloth - 4,6 and 8 foot options

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Don’t worry about windy weather. Get an easy, perfect fit.

Custom fitted table covers slide right over standard size tables to help you transform your event space. If you're outdoors, you’ll never have to worry about stray gusts of wind. And no matter where you are, the paneled design always keeps your tablecloth (and everything on it) right in place. Pick a color, add your design and make sure your booth stands out in any crowd.


  •  Upload a logo or pre-made design or type into the "Special Order Instructions" box at checkout your desired personalization. Include contact details if they are different from the email you ordered from for your mockup. We will not process your order until we have mockup approval. If you would like a mockup, please let us know in the "SPECIAL ORDER INSTRUCTIONS" box.

    Need something designed? Type into the "Special Order Instructions" Box at checkout your idea, or upload images describing what you're looking to have replicated. Our designer will work with you to determine the best design. If You need a new logo made for your business, please Hire A Designer


  • All 5 sides of this tablecloth can be designed. We recommend having your logo prominent on the front of the cloth and to use the tablecloth at the face of your event booth. Every side can be printed and decorated with any color of your choice and text/logos can be added. When submitting your design customization, please specify what side you would like that specific design on. 
  • if submitting your own logo, please only submit clear and large logos in .png, .pdf, .png, .svg or adobe illustrator exports. Please include any fonts used in your design if submitting an ai file. 
  • Specify if there will be any changes such as color, wording or placement of elements inside the logo.
  • We recommend keeping designs simple
  • If you need a design made, please submit all information into the upload files box and include any extra information at checkout in the "SPECIAL ORDER INSTRUCTIONS" box. You can type in any edits you need made to you existing design as well. You may include clip art, design references, fonts and more to give our designer a better idea of the logo or design you're looking for. 

We can create almost anything, we just ask that you do not submit known copywrite imagery or explicit materials for printing. Orders of this nature will be declined.


Make event setup (and takedown) even easier.

• 3 sizes for a snug fit on 4', 6' or 8' long tables
• Designable front overhang and side panels (see images)
• Full-color, dye-based printing on white fabric
• Machine-washable, reusable 4 oz. polyester material 

Tablecloth Care Tips

Made of durable, machine-washable polyester, our custom tablecloth are easy to clean, dry and prep for your next event.

Follow these 3 easy steps to clean, dry and prep:

1. WASH: Machine wash on the delicate cycle with cold water.

2. DRY: Use your dryer’s tumble dry low setting – or air dry.

3. STEAM: Optionally use a steamer (not an iron) to work out any creases.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size tables do these tablecloths go with?
A: Our 4' option is based on a standard 29" x 48" x 24" table, the 6' option is based on a standard 30" x 72" x 30" table, and the 8' option is based on a standard 30" x 96" x 30" table.
Q: Can I wash my custom fitted tablecloth? Are there any washing instructions?
A: Definitely. The tablecloth is machine washable. We recommend using a delicate cold cycle. For the drying, you can dry it on the tumble dry low setting or simply air dry it.

Q: What are the printing and design options?
A: We offer full-color print, dye-based on white fabric. And you can design all 5 sides of the cloth.

Q: What are fitted tablecloths made of?
A: The material used is polyester.

Q: Is the cloth wrinkle-resistant?
A: The material is not wrinkle-resistant, but we do offer a wrinkle resistant option.

Q: How big are the side panels?
A: That depends on the size that you choose for your fitted tablecloth:

  • 4': 30" x 25"
  • 6': 30" x 31"
  • 8': 31" x 31"

Q: Is this product NFPA-701 certified?
A: Yes, it is.




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