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Plastic Business Card with Rounded Edges - Specialty Business Cards

Plastic Business Card with Rounded Edges - Specialty Business Cards

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Custom Business Cards without the Work. Gloss Finish

Choose from your preferred plastic thickness and then have our designer create something from scratch just for you! These cards are great for loyalty cards.

We also accept pre-made designs for printing if you've already taken then time to make your own. If you have made your own, please see that it fits in the safety area depicted in the photos.



If you need your cards designed from start to finish, please Hire A Designer for a one time fee. Add the listing to your cart and you will have access to a designer who will work with you to create a custom business card just for you! Your design will then be saved for future orders. If you need to change something in the future, you also get free minor edits on your design, forever!

To Personalize:

  • Submit pre-made artwork via the download box if you have some already. Please ensure images have adequate bleed space for printing or your image may get cut off. If you are unsure, send your images to and our designer will check your image to ensure print quality. 
  • If you need something designed, please add to cart our "Hire A Designer" listing and include your details at checkout. In the download box, you can submit samples of cards you like for reference, clip art you would like used, backgrounds you would like used and more. If you run out of upload space, inform us at checkout that you will be sending more images. Then, send your images to with your order number. 
  • At checkout, type any information you would like included on your cards and where in the "Special Order Instructions" box. Please include
    • your web address (if desired)
    • phone number (if desired)
    • address (if desired)
    • email (if desired)
    • fax number (if desired)
    • business name
    • social media (if desired)
    • any other contact info 
    • details on placement
    • your theme (florist, photographer, color palette, ect...)
    • things you do NOT want to see on your card
    • things you DO want to see on your card
    • if ordering front & back print, specify where on the card you would like that information printed.
  • If you miss any details or cannot fit it all in the box, our designer will be working one on one with you, so don't worry. They will send mock-ups and confirm all information is correct. Changes can be made anytime during the process. Once your design is confirmed you can no longer change it, so please be sure to spell check and take your time to ensure you like the card before confirming.



Unique – and uniquely durable – plastic business cards.

  • Height & width of a credit card 
  • High-quality PVC plastic
  • Durable, tear-resistant and waterproof


Flexible - 0.02"

About as thick as a heavy duty notecard.


Legal restrictions: We cannot print any design that features elements similar to ID cards, credit cards or bank cards.

Custom plastic cards for business, loyalty or membership cards.

Whether you’re passing out your contact info or creating something for VIPs, our plastic business cards grab people’s attention. The unique texture and shine makes them stand out from traditional paper cards. And the flexible, but strong PVC business cards last a lot longer, too.

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