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Custom Bumper Stickers - Rectangle and Oval

Custom Bumper Stickers - Rectangle and Oval

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Make sure your message goes wherever you do.
• Fade- and weather-resistant vinyl
• Strong adhesive won’t damage paint
• Use with any car style or color
• Oval or rectangle shapes

Turn heads with custom bumper stickers. 
Looking for a way to make a statement? Choose personalized bumper stickers. Whether you want to support your favorite sports team, cause, politician or even display your business logo, bumper stickers will have your back. Made from weather-resistant vinyl, these stickers are durable, easy to apply and ideal for cars, trucks and vans. 
Application & Removal Do’s & Don’ts
•    Apply indoors (like your garage) or in cool weather.
•    Only use on vehicles with original factory paintwork.
•    Wrap a credit card in a soft cloth to smooth out your sticker.
•    Windex can be sprayed on the adhesive, then squeegeed out.
•    Make sure you warm your vehicle surface before removing.
•    An adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol helps remove residue.

To Personalize 

Upload a logo or pre-made design or type into the "Special Order Instructions" box at checkout your desired personalization. Include in the box if you would like a mockup and include contact details if they are different from the email you ordered from. We will not process your order until we have mockup approval if mockups are requested. Mockups can be sent via email or text.

While we do not limit wording or letter count, keep in mind the more customization you add the smaller it will be.

Need something designed? Type into the "Special Order Instructions" Box at checkout your idea, or upload images describing what you're looking to have replicated. Our designer will work with you to determine the best design.

If you are uploading a pre-made logo, please leave extra space on the edges to allow for bleed room during printing. 

5in x 3in Oval

Full Bleed Size
5.2in x 3.2in
132mm x 81mm
1560px x 960px
Trim Size
5in x 3in
127mm x 76mm
1500px x 900px

11in x 3in Rectangle

Full Bleed Size
11.2in x 3.2in
285mm x 81mm
3360px x 960px
Trim Size
11in x 3in
279mm x 76mm
3300px x 900px
Design Tips:
Follow these design tips to make your own bumper sticker.

1. Text Placement

Place images and text front
          and center.

2. Font size

Use a large font size so your
       message is visible.

3. Contrast

For dark colored cars, use a
light design and vice versa.

4. Resolution

Ensure images are clear with
a high resolution (300 dpi).
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I remove bumper stickers from my car? Is it easy?

A: You only need to soak them with water and then peel them off. We recommend removing your custom bumper sticker indoors (like your garage). If any residue is leftover, you can use an adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol. 

Q: Will bumper stickers damage my car paint?

A: No, but we recommend placing your personalized bumper stickers on a vehicle that has the original factory paintwork. For an option that’s easier to move or reposition, we recommend using our car magnets.

Q: Can I use custom bumper stickers on my car window?

A: You can. But if you’re looking for an option that is specifically designed for glass surfaces, check out car window decals.

Q: Do you offer custom bumper sticker shapes or sizes?

A: No, we don’t offer custom shapes or sizes at this time.

Q. Where should I put my bumper sticker?

A. Most of our customers place their bumper sticker on the back of their car, where it will be seen the most. But you can also place pretty much anywhere – as long as it doesn’t obstruct your view while driving.


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