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8.3" x 7.5" x 3.15" Custom Printed Single Color Paper Bags

8.3" x 7.5" x 3.15" Custom Printed Single Color Paper Bags

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Say so long to blank bags, and missed branding opportunities, with colored paper bags. Available in black or white printing on your choice of colored kraft paper bags. 

There‘s a special promotional opportunity that comes when you might not expect it: as you’re thanking a customer for their business and sending them on their way. With our budget paper bags, you can hand people your business logo – and let them carry it off to get seen by friends, family or people on the street. Printed in crisp color on your choice of vibrantly colored paper, your branding can be seen on takeaway orders, retail bags and more. Pro tip: These make great paper bags for gifts – an option often appreciated by time-crunched shoppers.



  •  Upload a logo or pre-made design or type into the "Special Order Instructions" box at checkout your desired personalization.

  • You can have a logo or text printed on the bag
  • If you would like a mockup, please let us know in the "SPECIAL ORDER INSTRUCTIONS" box. If you request a mockup, we will send it to your purchasing email or we will send it to a Text number or email of your choice.
  •  Need something designed? Type into the "Special Order Instructions" Box at checkout your idea, or upload images describing what you're looking to have replicated. Our designer will work with you to determine the best design. 

  •  If You need a new logo made for your business, please Hire A Designer


  • if submitting your own logo, please only submit clear and large logos in .png, .pdf, .png, .svg or adobe illustrator exports. Please include any fonts used in your design if submitting an ai file. 
  • Specify if there will be any changes such as color, wording or placement of elements inside the logo. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PRINT COLOR CHOICE
  • We recommend keeping designs simple and bold
  • If you need a design made, please submit all information into the upload files box and include any extra information at checkout in the "SPECIAL ORDER INSTRUCTIONS" box. You can type in any edits you need made to you existing design as well. You may include clip art, design references, fonts and more to give our designer a better idea of the logo or design you're looking for.

We can create almost anything, we just ask that you do not submit known copywrite imagery or explicit materials for printing. Orders of this nature will be declined.


  • 4 bag color options
  • Twisted paper handles

Personalized & professional

Our colored paper bags offer a variety of ways to design a winning look. You can add your logo, text or design to the front and back. And in addition to 4 color options for paper bags (all fade-resistant, by the way), you can choose from a bold black or a stylish white ink to finish. Use the color combination that best represents your brand or make a bold statement with a bag that leaves a lasting impression. For a crowning touch, the twisted paper handle color will match the rest of your bag.

Easy to design

Ready to create your single-color paper bags ? Upload your logo, business name or design to our online design or submit your idea, then we’ll professionally print your design. From there, we'll print your design on our colored, Kraft paper bags and ship out your order. Your bags will arrive looking crisp, professional, and customer ready.

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