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Deluxe Engraving for Tumblers

Deluxe Engraving for Tumblers

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By purchasing the deluxe engraving, you are choosing to add an extra engraving to the opposite side of your tumbler.  This engraving can be anything from another full-size design, a name, date or anything else you can think of! The design cannot be colored and will come out the same color as the mockup engravings and is applicable to all tumblers. Please keep in mind the size of tumbler you are ordering when choosing your design. When submitting designs black and white designs work best, however some colored designs can be used for an engraving, but do not always translate well.


Purchase as many deluxe engravings needed to add on to your tumblers

Example: If you have 4 tumblers, but would like to add a name to only 2 of them, you will add 2 deluxe engravings to your cart and type at checkout what the names are and what tumblers they are going on as well as your font choice.


Submitting Your Design:

At checkout you will be able to enter text, and where you want your engraving in the "ORDER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box

If you are submitting a design that you already have, upload it in the form and submit any additional details in the "ORDER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX". 

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